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Become a partner

We only accept websites as partners that do not violate German law and offer adult content. Who is already a partner, can log into his/her account here.

The following requirements need to be fulfilled in order to become a partner:

  • It must be an independent web project. Private home pages, pages about "money", Ref-pages, etc. are immediately deleted without comment. You can register for free as a member instead and then promote your website.

  • your project should have at least 100 visitors a day.

  • the partner link must be installed visible in your website. If the link is installed only on a "partner page", you need to have a clear hint to this page. Please note that the placement of your link depends on the number of visitors that are sent to us by you. The more visitors you send to us, the better the positioning of your link. Please note: Inactive accounts are automatically deleted after 60 days.

  • own clicks are absolutely forbidden. It may only be viewed once for testing purposes after the link-installation.

  • Also prohibited are automatic calls if the partner links (eg, traffic exchange, etc.)

    We check every affiliate after its registration and at regular intervals to monitor the local installation of the partner link. We reserve the right to dissolve partnership at any time without giving reasons.

    ATTENTION: We will not activate your partner account before the partner link is visible on your website.

    Cheat attempts are also controlled.

    If desired, you can receive a short daily email with statistics. Please simply select the checkbox in the account.

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